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Symmetry Labs A.G. does not operate its own Frontend to ensure censorship resistance of the underlying bilateral & intent technology. To interact with the protocol, users may choose from the list of Frontend Operators. There is no trading taking place directly via https://symm.io

Symmetrical Perps Revolution

Symmetrical Perps Revolution

ALPHA is a perpetual trading solution, preparing to disrupt the on-chain derivatives market on the Binance Ecosystem. Leveraging the most advanced symmetrical perps engine in the market, SYMMIO, ALPHA will opens up a multitude of markets, offering over 150 cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage.

Omnichain Perpetual Futures Exchange

Omnichain Perpetual Futures Exchange

A next-generation OTC derivatives exchange offering perpetual futures trading.  IntentX leverages several cutting-edge technologies, including LayerZero, a cross-chain communication protocol, account abstraction, and a zero-to-one intent based architecture that addresses critical challenges in delivering on-chain derivatives. Combined, these technologies allow IntentX to offer omnichain deployment, lower fees, greater liquidity, enhanced capital efficiency, and improved scalability versus current solutions.

CoSwap for Perps

CowSwap for PERPs

INTENT-BASED MARKETS P2P DERIVATIVES  The CowSwap of PERPs. Deep liquidity directly sourced from CEXs via 3rd-party Solvers (Hedgers), lowest funding on the market & even zero funding on some pairs. Trade with up to 40x leverage, 184+ crypto tickers, everything you can trade on Binance Futures, and more coming!

Symmetrical Perps Revolution

Leveraged Trading with USDB Collateral

Core Markets operates as an intent-based derivatives platform, utilizing the Blast Layer 2 infrastructure. We provide deep liquidity across more than 250 trading pairs, allowing for leverages of up to 60x. Notably, our platform stands out due to the integration of USDB, a yield-generating collateral asset that subsidizes funding rates, and our distinctive user interface.

Symmetrical Perps Revolution

BRC20, Runes and Ordinals Trading Terminal

BeFi Labs leads the way in trading terminals, with a focus on BRC20, Runes, and Ordinal assets for both Spot and Perpetual trading, opening doors to BRC20 and BTC ecosystem markets with deep liquidity, offering crypto assets with up to 100x leverage.

Symmetrical Perps Revolution

Pair-trading perps exchange

Pear Protocol is the home of pair-trading on chain. Users can trade long-short pairs like ETH/BTC or PEPE/DOGE in one click, with leverage. Pear Protocol executes both the long and the short trade at the same time, enables users to chart their pair trades and provides a superior risk management dashboard for monitoring your positions. With the integration of SYMMIO, Pear will enable access to over 60,000 combinations of pair trades, in a deeply liquid and scalable manner.


Decentralized frontends

As a company, Symmetry Labs AG is not running its own frontend — making the system more decentralized and censorship-resistant. SYMMIO itself doesn't offer any trading or promotes the trading of any derivatives, SYMMIO only provides the infrastructure for peer to peer bilateral matchmaking, that can be used by 3rd party providers to build a fully functional on-chain derivatives exchange.

Which frontend do I pick ?

Frontends (Dealers and Market Makers), offer services directly via 3rd party services, in order to see their offering, make deposits, request trades etc., users thus have to use one of the frontends provided by third parties.

List disclaimer

The list of Frontend Operators is provided for informational purposes only. Neither is the list conclusive, nor has Symmetry Labs AG conducted any due diligence on these operators. Accordingly, Symmetry Labs AG does not make any statement regarding technical functionality and/or the trustworthiness of the Frontend Operators listed below. Descriptions are provided by Frontend Operators.

Inquire to host a frontend

SDKs to build your own frontend aren't fully implemented and documented yet. If you want to host a SYMMIO frontend get in touch with us.

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