A protocol for

SymmetricAl Trading

  • No Order Books
  • No Virtual AMMs
  • No pre-locked liquidity

Intent-Based Bilateral OTC Derivatives.


both sides provide collateral


one party requests and another party responds & executes.


Simple, it's peer to peer.

The Flow of an INTENT on SYMMIO

Send your Intent

Like sending a limit order on Binance, but trustlessly.


Wait for the response of your Counterparty

Similiar to waiting for an execution on 1inch fusion.


Observe your trade to be solvent at all times

Identical to managing a margin balance on Binance, but without custody risk.


Visit a 3rd Party frontend to Formulate and send your INTENT to the Pool.

UX mimics CEXs like Binance
sending an intent is done seamlessly
via 3rd-party frontends.

Sending an INTENT makes you PartyA

Wait for your INTENT to be accepted by a Hedger & the Hedger becomes your PartyB

Counterparties or Solvers in SYMMIO are called HEDGERS


  • Sent by a User
  • Seen by all Hedgers
  • Accepted by one Hedger or more Hedgers

3rd Party FRONTENDS and DRIVERS help you with selecting the best Hedger.

(Selecting Hedgers can be as easy as selecting an aggregator on Defillama Swap.
Frontends might also offer to auto select the best route / solver like 1inch.)

When a Hedger,

accepts your INTENT, he becomes YOUR PartyB for this Trade.

A trade is active until closed by PartyA, or if any of both Parties becomes insolvent.


As long as a TRADE is active, Watchdogs ensure that:

  • all Party A/B pairs are playing by the rules,
  • All Parties ensuring their solvency at all times.

The moment a Party becomes insolvent they will get liquidated, which makes the system trustless as well as capital efficient.

PartyA and PartyB are isolated &


  • PartyA LONGs 1 BTC,
  • PartyB SHORTs 1 BTC,
  • Watchdogs observe solvency 24/7.
  • Win for B equals Loss for A,
  • isolated within each pair.

Every trade requires a Party A&B pair, one taking the LONG the other taking the SHORT side.

Infinite Party A&B pairings are possible.

No Liquidity Pools involved.

is one hundred percent sound.

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